Dallas Love Field

Dallas Love Field Announces New Diaper Dispenser Available in Airport

Every diaper purchased will equal one diaper donated to a nonprofit organization

Dallas Love Field exterior
NBC 5 News

Dallas Love Field unveils its new addition to help travelers 'travel with love' in the form of a diaper dispenser from the Diaper Concierge.

Now, individuals in Dallas Love Field can pay as little as $2.50 for a diaper and every diaper bought is also one diaper donated to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Diaper Concierge is a woman-owned small business with plans to provide help to parents during the unexpected diaper changes that are subject to happen anywhere at any time.

"Launching Diaper Concierge at Dallas Love Field is a dream come true," said Erin England, owner of Dallas-based Diaper Concierge. "The airport is committed to a world-class experience for its travelers, including those traveling with children, so the partnership with Diaper Concierge made perfect sense."  

The news of the diaper vending machines surfaced through the Dallas Love Field twitter on Thursday, and the airport says the dispensers are now available, located in select men's and women's restrooms across the facility.

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