Dallas LGBT Community Heals Through Song

Turtle Creek Chorale performs at Cathedral of Hope

More than 1,000 people turned out Tuesday evening at the Cathedral of Hope church in Dallas to hear the Turtle Creek Chorale perform in honor of the Orlando massacre victims.

The free performance was titled "Songs for Healing."

The all-male choir is known around the world.

"Music has been used to build bridges and break down the barriers around homophobia, so we are delighted to welcome the Turtle Creek Chorale into our space this evening," said senior pastor Rev. Dr. Neal Cazares-Thomas.

Security for the event was tight. At least two dozen Dallas police officers stood guard inside and patrolled the parking lot.

The chorale's artistic director, Sean Baugh, said the music was meant to "bring people together and remind us all of the love we have for each other."

The church sanctuary seats 1,000, and it was full. Hundreds more stood in the back, while others watched from a nearby chapel.

"I hope we sing loud enough to make it all the way to Orlando," Baugh said.

The chorale finished its 36th season of performances on Saturday night.

Executive director Bruce Jaster said it was such a positive weekend that members wanted to continue that positive message in the wake of the negative news out of Orlando and help those in the LGBT community.

"It's all love songs, it's all songs of peace and joy and happiness," Jaster said.

Organizers accepted donations at Tuesday's concert, which they said they would send to the victims' families in Orlando.

NBC 5's Chris Van Horne contributed to this report.

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