Dallas ISD Star Athlete, Student Leader Remembered Following Fatal Crash

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Friends and family of a star student-athlete in Dallas are preparing to say goodbye this week after a car crash that took his life. Deshawn Jagwan’s mother talked to NBC 5 about the loss and the support she's received from his friends at Woodrow Wilson High School, as well as his impact as a young leader.

Charlotte Stephens sent her son off to a school dance this past weekend with instructions any mother would give her son. She told him not to be late picking up his date and remember to give her flowers. As he pulled out of the driveway, she called out for him to be careful.

She expected her son, Deshawn, to return with stories about the dance. That never happened. The standout student and basketball player at Woodrow Wilson had crashed into a tree and pole after the dance. He was the only one in the car at the time and died as a result.

“I wouldn’t wish this on any parent. No parent wants to receive a phone call that there’s a fatality and there’s a possibility your son was in the accident,” Stephens said. “It’s been four days and I’m not okay.”

Jagwan’s family is now left with countless pictures of a bright-eyed little boy who’d grown into a leader on campus. His older brother, Brandon Stephens, said he let Deshawn borrow his cross necklace for the dance; something he’d never asked to do until that night.

“Before he left, he was begging me like ‘let me take that necklace,’” he said. “So, I gave it to him. And even though I got this necklace back, I would trade it any day of the week to have him back.”

Amid the family’s grief, they’re lifted by the community’s support and endless stories shared about Deshawn confirming what they’ve always known.

“My son was just incredible,” Stephens said. “Absolutely incredible in every capacity.”

Deshawn Jagwan was to receive his first offer this week to play collegiate basketball. His family has asked the coach to symbolically make the call as planned. Stephens says the family will accept the offer on her son’s behalf.

Home-going services will take place Saturday, April 16 at 11:00 a.m at Mt. Hebron Missionary Baptist Church in Garland, TX.

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