Dallas ISD Proposing New Process to Rename Schools

The controversy surrounding schools named after Confederate icons is not new to Dallas ISD, but the process to rename them could be.

On Thursday Dallas ISD trustees will hear a proposal that would expedite the renaming process for several schools named after Confederate figures.

"I think we've got consensus on the board to see a change, but it's also important that we give the community an opportunity to give us their thoughts -  particularly the communities at the schools themselves," said District 8 Trustee Miguel Solis.

Under the new proposal a trustee-appointed committee would recommend names to the board. Each trustee will appoint one member to the committee.

The committee's recommendations would be based on input from the communities at each campus that needs to be renamed.

Solis said the process will allow the board to change the names at the same time and do it in an open and fair process.

"What the administration is proposing, I think, is something that is prudent. I think it is something that is well thought out," Solis said "It balances the need for change and the desire to want to hear from the community and give the community a stake in the process."

Thursday's briefing will be held at 11:30 am at 9400 N. Central Expressway.

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