Dallas ISD Police Chief Explains They Will Prosecute Anyone Caught Making False Emergency Calls


Lincoln High School in Dallas saw a large police presence converge on the school Tuesday. 

It happened because someone placed a call of an active shooter which turned out to be false.

The Texas School Safety Center deals with key school safety initiatives and mandates.

"It's common and so every school district should take these threats seriously,” Texas School Safety Center Director Kathy Martinez-Prather said. “Investigate them appropriately with the appropriate authorities to see if they are credible or not. But every threat has to be taken seriously."

That's exactly what Dallas ISD Police said they’re doing.

"Post Uvalde there is more anxiety and where at some point people may not have taken these kinds of pranks or calls as seriously, I can tell you as a district we take all of these very seriously," Dallas Independent School District Police Chief John Lawton said.

False active shooter calls were made in Waco and HoustonFort Worth ISD investigated a possible threat by social media.

These false calls can have real consequences no matter your age.

"Anytime anyone does this it is not a prank,” Lawton said. “It is considered a terroristic threat. Depending on the inconvenience that is caused or the harm that is caused, this can range from a misdemeanor ‘B’ all the way up to a felony third. So, you could get a lot of jail time for doing something like this."

That's why chief Lawton said parents must talk to their students.

"Get in their business,” Lawton said. “It could prevent them from having to go through a life of heartache be it through the judicial system or just setting themselves up to where they could get hurt."

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