Dallas ISD to Rename Schools Named for Confederate Leaders

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously Thursday to accelerate the process of renaming four campuses currently named in honor of Confederate leaders.

The elementary schools in question are named for Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, William Cabell and Albert Sidney Johnston.

The names of Lee and Jackson are well known across the country. William Cabell was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and later served as mayor of Dallas. Johnston was a general who served in the Texian Army, the United States Army and the Confederacy, and he was the highest-ranking officer killed on either side during the Civil War.

Dallas ISD board members voted to waive the rules for the school name change policy. School stakeholders, like the PTA, can weigh in on what the new names should be.

New names will be chose in February.

The administrators and supporters of Lee Elementary have already chosen a replacement name, according to the President of the Lee Parent Teacher Association.

Lee Elementary would become Geneva Heights Elementary, according to PTA President Jenn Hawkins.

The name was selected because Geneva Heights is the official name of the area around the school, according to the Dallas Central Appraisal District.

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