Dallas ISD Addresses Increasing Social Media Threats

An 8th student at T.W. Browne Middle School in Dallas was arrested and faces a 3rd degree felony charge for making a terroristic threat after posting a threat on Instagram, of a school shooting, according to Dallas ISD Police.

Threats, many posted on social media, pose a growing challenge for not just the Dallas Independent School District but for districts across North Texas. In recent weeks, there have been threats at various schools across the Metroplex.

"In our country right now, threats are at the highest level they have ever been with regards to educational institutions; when I say that, somewhere in the Metroplex or somewhere in this country someone is making a threat that something is going to happen at a school," said Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller.

Miller says multiple threats of some type are made each week resulting in his department working to investigate every single day.

Miller could not give an exact estimate of the financial impact threats have on district operations, but did note that officers are often paid overtime to stay late and investigate or work increase security at schools following a threat.

"I think it’s imperative we set an example to the community that we are not going to tolerate this," Miller said.

The district will investigate each and every threat, and they take each very seriously. Miller referred to the amount of resources used to respond to threats as exorbitant.

But, it’s not only about resources. There is an fear factor as well. Parents worry and some keep their children out of school following a threat. "Every single day a kid is not in school, they are missing an opportunity to learn," Miller said. 

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