Dallas ISD Accepting Applications for New Biomedical School

Dallas ISD and UT Southwestern are partnering to open Medical District PK-8 Biomedical School next school year

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The UT Southwestern campus is the future site of Dallas ISD's newest school: Medical District PK-8 Biomedical School.

"So they put one building with my two passions in it," Principal Roberto Gonzalez said. "So I went for it!"

Gonzalez wasn't always a principal with DISD. He was a medical doctor in his native Colombia. Gonzalez said it's never too early to plant the seeds of a career.

"I want them to go and explore all the science careers. It could be medicine, it could be nursing, it could be biomedical," Gonzalez said. "I want them to come out with the skills to change the world."

The school will start with pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade, then add grades each year. Studies will focus on STEM education; with labs, virtual reality, field trips, and lectures from UT Southwestern staff.

Gonzalez said his goal is to cultivate compassionate, out-of-the-box thinkers.

"Science is a profession of the heart because the first part of science is trying to solve a problem that will improve the quality of life," Gonzalez said.

He wants the school to celebrate students' successes and mistakes.

"Science, in general, is based on that, making mistakes to improve the world," Gonzalez said. "Those setbacks, those are the ones that bring the greatest discoveries of all time."

Enrollment will be a 50/50 social diversity model, which means 50% of the students will come from economically disadvantaged areas. The students will be chosen by lottery.

Applications for the Medical District PK-8 Biomedical School are being accepted through January 31, 2122.

The district is holding a virtual webinar this weekend called 'Discover Dallas ISD', where parents can learn more about the new school and others.

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