Dallas is Open to Sparing ‘Lamb of God' Dog Sentenced to Death

A Deep Ellum dog sentenced to be "destroyed" for biting a 13-year-old boy in the face will not be euthanized, for now.

The Dallas Morning News reports an injunction for the yellow Labrador, named Lamb of God, was signed Wednesday. It delays any action against the dog, including euthanasia.

"We're open to discussion if there's an entity of good reputation and proven background that can take care of an animal, and keep her off the streets and away from people, Latty Castro, Dallas' city attorney, told the Morning News shortly after a Dallas County judge signed the injunction. "Our objective would be achieved if people are not exposed to the dog."

Castro also said the city would need, among other things, a waiver of liability should Lamb of God bite someone else once released.

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