Dallas Initiative Plans To Pay Community Members To Combat Crime

Community activists in Dallas are rolling out a new initiative they hope will empower community members in high crime areas to assist in its policing.

The iThink initiative, led by community activist Bruce Carter, hopes to pay community members to record and gather information that will ultimately make neighborhoods safer.

"I think it is 20 percent policing and 80 percent community because when community polices itself it understands the life that is in that community," Carter said.

At a press conference Tuesday at the Southern Hills Church of Christ, the plan was officially rolled out with multiple Dallas church leaders lending Carter their support. Former NBA player Jordan Mickey donated $100,000 to fund initial infrastructure and seven to eight paid positions that will market the program to local churches and apartments.

"If we say we don't have enough police officers then we have to do something until we get more police officers," Carter said at the press conference.

The city of Dallas continues to experience an uptick in crime and Carter hopes that by taking the lead at the community level, neighbors can and will become safer.

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