Dallas' Iconic Waterfall Flows Again

The water is once again flowing at Dallas' iconic waterfall on Goat Hill.

After three months of work, the scaffolding is now off of the 3-dimensional billboard overlooking Stemmons Freeway just north of downtown.  Years of constant water flow, exposure and normal wear and tear had taken its toll on the nearly 50-year-old billboard.

Crews updated the "mountains," the 10,000-gallon water system and improved the lighting to include energy efficient fiber optic lighting.  Architects also added more realistic, native landscaping.

In 2007, the city of Dallas designated the billboard as an Extraordinarily Significant Sign due to it's history and status as an icon of the cityscape.

Since 1962, the famous billboard has advertised Pearl beer, Salem cigarettes and Absolute vodka.  The sign's current tenant is Coors Light.

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