Dallas Housing Authority Working to Address Concerns at Cliff Manor

The Dallas Housing Authority will spend the next several weeks addressing issues at one of its larger housing complexes — Cliff Manor.

Twenty-eight residents met with officials Tuesday to discuss a number of complaints and concerns, such as mold and mildew, a faulty elevator, public safety, and bed bugs among other things.

Resident Sonja Blue lives on a fixed income of about $650 a month, so public housing is all she can afford.

She lives at Cliff Manor, on the 2300 block of Fort Worth Avenue, but some days she rather be living on the streets.

"It's messing with my health, my security, my peace," Blue said, inside her 12th floor apartment. "There's addicts, alcoholics, prostitution. It's too much."

She was among the residents to meet with the Dallas Housing Authority.

DHA said Wednesday that it would work with residents to remedy the problem.

"All residents of Dallas Housing Authority properties including Cliff Manor apartments have the right and the responsibility to request work to be performed at their rental unit. DHA takes seriously the concerns of our residents. We depend on their cooperation to ensure our residents live in safe decent housing they can afford," said DHA CEO Troy Broussard in a statement.

Alicia Lewis, who has lived at Cliff Manor for several years, is cautiously optimistic that DHA will keep its word.

"I've been here two-and-a-half years and I've heard the same spiel for two-and-a-half years," she said, holding a work order she filed in January that still hasn't been completed. "You have to live somewhere. What choice do you have?"

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