Fort Worth

Dallas Hosts Prayer Vigil After Las Vegas Shooting

Faith leaders came together in Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas for a prayer vigil Monday evening for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

Before the event began, Imam Omar Suleiman, co-chair of Faith Forward Dallas, spoke about the overwhelming amounts of loss that people are experiencing from all sides.

"You're hearing about a new war, you're hearing about a new genocide, you're hearing about so much violence and so much despair all the time," Suleiman said. "I think people are tired, there's no doubt about it. People start to ask, 'What's the point? There are still incidents taking place. You know, if we go out to a vigil, if we re-commit to love, hateful incidents will still take place.'"

But he said even though people may feel that way, we still need to push for peace over violence.

Kaylyn Williams, who lives in Dallas, attended the prayer vigil to show support. She was one of about 50 people in attendance when the event started.

"Numbers are not always the most critical things, because people do things behind the scenes," Williams said. "Even though there may not be a lot of people here, I believe that Dallas and Fort Worth and the community are going to support and wrap their arms around anybody that's having any type of devastation right now."

A small group of faithful, praying and also working to end violence while also hoping to not have a reason for another vigil.

"If hate grows then love has to grow as well," Suleiman said.

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