Dallas “Horseshoe” to Replace Notorious Mix-Master

$500 million project will replace I-35E and I-30 Downtown Dallas mix-master

Our outgrown, outdated roads and bridges around Downtown Dallas are finally going to get a 21st century overhaul.  What's being called the Horseshoe will, in 2017, take the place of the dreaded Mix-master.

"I can remember as a young man my grandfather referring to it as a marvel of modern engineering and I would think today most people that drive it would refer to it as something much more derogatory,” TX DOT deputy executive director John Barton told a gathering of 100-plus people in a tent under the Houston Street Viaduct Saturday morning.

"Let's pause just a moment to recall some of the many thoughtful impressions you've had over the years as you were entering the Mix-master interchange,” joked State Sen. Royce West.  He put his fingers on his forehead and paused for a couple of seconds and said, “No, those are bad thoughts, OK."

While major work is about to start, only 30 percent of the project is designed. That's by design.  What's known as design-build is going to save time and money.

"Crews can start construction in one area while design's being completed in another,” explains TxDOT Commissioner Jeff Austin III.  “Now that's a little different than what's been done in the past but it makes sense."

To pay for the Horseshoe, $500-million comes from the federal government.  The other $298-million from state and local governments.  Local leaders say they're sure it's going to be worth it.

"This project is not only going to connect I-30 to I-35, so whenever you want to do that you don't have to go through Riverfront to connect, it's also going to help with the congestion,” said Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia.

"It's going to create a new front door for Oak Cliff and all of southern Dallas County for travelers coming from the east,” adds Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

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