Dallas Horseshoe Project Update

Relief is on the way for drivers forced to navigate construction barrels through the Dallas Horseshoe Project.

“It’s opening up," said Milton Green of Dallas. “I’ve seen wrecks and everything on this freeway, but it’s getting better, though. It’s getting better."

The $800 million highway project, which began in 2013, is now just more than a year away from being finished, promising to untangle the traffic tie-ups that plague the current Dallas mixmaster.

"It’ll be exciting to see for drivers that have been driving through the mixmaster,” said project spokesperson Dianne Tordillo.

Major permanent ramps are opening up, two of them now connecting drivers with Interstate 30 westbound.

The Margaret McDermott Bridge, the city’s second signature bridge to span the Trinity River, will be virtually complete by the end of this year, when the span’s second arch is finished.

“It really won’t be open to the public until summer of 2017 when the project is complete,” Tordillo said.

Remaining construction over the next year will force drivers to keep up with shifting lanes, allowing construction to proceed on schedule.

All the lanes on Interstate 35E southbound will be closed there this weekend to allow for bridge work.

Final completion is expected in the summer of 2017.

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