Dallas Goes Hog Wild

Wild animal spotted near White Rock Creek

Feral hogs aren't new to North Texas, but seeing them running around in broad daylight may be a
little out of the ordinary.

For the past few days, NBC5 photojournalist Steve Stewart has seen a feral hog running around near White Rock Creek close to one of the bike paths.

Stewart said he is used to seeing coyotes, foxes and the occasional bobcat, but this is the first time he has seen a wild hog just rummaging out in the open.

For a mostly nocturnal species, it's strange to see the animal running around during the daytime.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the animals were once domestic hogs that escaped or were released for hunting purposes. And the population of the animals grew.

Wild hogs are spread throughout Texas and usually inhabit the same areas as white-tail deer.
They can grow up to 350 pounds.

Experts say it's not a good idea to approach the animals because they can be dangerous.

Earlier this month, feral hogs escaped a Fort Worth meat processing plant. While a few were tranquilized and captured, the rest were euthanized because they are so dangerous.

"Just the sheer weight of the animal charging can hurt somebody. And you know, we think of these large animals as ones that stay low to the ground, but when they're charging, they can leap pretty high -- up to about 4 feet," Brandon Bennett, director of Fort Worth Code Enforcement said on Dec. 12.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, a hunting license is required to hunt the animals. The hogs are often wanted for their tusks and meat. 

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