Dallas Girl Plans to Profit from First Snow in Two Years

There's one 10-year-old Dallas girl who can't wait to play in the snow Saturday morning. Zoe Green used her life savings to buy sleds to resell for a profit, but has had to wait two years for any snow.

"I was super excited," Zoe said Friday night. "I walked out of a restaurant, and all of a sudden I went, 'Oh, my gosh, it's snowing!'"

After saving up her allowance two years ago, she bought two dozen snow discs for $120, intending to sell them to make some extra money.

"I bought them when I was in second grade, and ever since it hadn't snowed. And now I'm in fourth grade, so I'm super excited that it finally snowed."

"They've just been sitting, just looking down at us for two years," said Zoe's father, James Greene. "So, finally, after two mild winters we really get the chance to sell them."

Zoe plans to set up a stand Saturday morning at Flagpole Hill at White Rock Lake in Dallas.

"We saw these people like riding on trash bags, and it never worked and they seemed super disappointed, so why can't you just buy sleds there at Flagpole Hill?" Zoe said.

She plans to charge $20 each, earning a tidy profit of more than $300.

"I'm planning on doing some for charity," Zoe said. "And then if it works out well, I want to buy sleds for next year, and then I'm trying to save up for a tablet."

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