Dallas Girl Gets New Bike Thanks to NBC 5 Viewer

A Dallas girl whose mother had a strong message for the person who stole the 7-year-old's bicycle has a new set of wheels, thanks to a generous NBC 5 viewer.

Last week, Tommi Mika posted a sign on the pine tree out front of her Pleasant Grove home, chastising the "low life" who made her daughter cry by stealing the Hello Kitty!-themed bicycle belonging to Mika's daughter, Lorelai, from the family's front porch.

"I posted that hoping whoever would see it, whoever stole it, would see it and maybe they'd feel bad about it," Tommi Mika said.

Lorelai got the bike earlier this summer as a gift from her mom for improving her reading.

A lot of people saw the story and wanted to help, and NBC 5 was there as Lorelai checked out her new bike Tuesday.

"I think that it's very pretty," the second-grader said. "I'm very, very thankful for it."

Lorelai got a bike lock, too.

The thief has not been identified.

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