Dallas Friends Prove It's Never Too Late to Try Something New

Authors share a portion of their profits with their church in Dallas

Julie Owen and Mary Kate Jackman love a good story, and there may be no better story than their own.

"We happen to be the oldest, old ladies who have ever changed careers," said Owen.

Owen, 68 and Jackman, 76, are now first time authors.

"Neither of us would have done this alone, but together we've kind of become more than the sum of our parts," said Jackman.

A few years ago they launched a series of murder mysteries with a cast of characters just as entertaining as the women behind them.

"When you write about East Texas you don't have to make up your characters. They come crawling out of those woods," laughed Owen.

With titles like, "Missing in Memphis" or, "Justice in Jeterville," when they're not writing, the ladies are traveling for research.

"There's going to be a "Killing in the Keys" because we've always wanted to go," said Owen.

The two connected through Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas and now share part of the profits from their books to the church's charities.

"We just feel like this is the best gift from God," said Jackman.

They hope their friendship found through fiction and a leap of faith can inspire others to start their own next chapter.

"If we could just get other people who are sitting at home waiting for the end to realize to write your story. It's never over 'til it's over," said Owen.

The women write under the name JoBeth Jones and their books are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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