Dallas Florist Says Mother's Day Business Blooming

Maria Diaz is experiencing her first Mother's Day sinced her mom passed away

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Mother's Day tends to be a big day of business for many floral shops, but for one Dallas florist, this Mother's Day has a deeper meaning.

Inside A Flower Matters in Pleasant Grove, people can create all sorts of bouquets. And while this year is busy, it was not one year ago.

“Last year was pretty tough because the pandemic had just started and there were no flowers, shortage of flowers everywhere," owner Maria Diaz said.

She said business, at 9911 Lake June Road, started to bloom again after several months, and this Mother's Day has shaped up to be better than last.

“Yeah it’s a really busy day for us," Diaz said. "You don’t have to give them a message, you don’t have to give them money, to me you can give one flower to a certain person, and that says it all.”

Creating beautiful bouquets of flowers is a craft that she picked up from her own mother.

“She used to work here all the time with us, every holiday, I mean I learned this thanks to my mom, so it’s pretty tough," Diaz said.

Her mother, Eduarda Diaz Garcia died last November at the age of 68.

“This is my first year without my mom being her," Diaz said, tearing up.

She was not able to attend her mother's funeral in Mexico because she was sick with COVID-19 at the time.

“There’s days when you have a great day and there are days when you kind of want to break down knowing that she’s not there with you, but it will get better," Diaz said.

As she reflects on this first Mother's Day without her own mom, she reminds others to cherish every moment with their mom.

"I want everyone to have a blessed and safe Mother’s Day and stay safe," Diaz said.

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