Dallas Firefighters Get New Directives After Slow Police Response

Dallas Fire-Rescue has new directives after firefighters were slow to receive back up from Dallas police officers during a violent emergency situation.

The new directives state firefighters will now stage at safe locations and wait for police to arrive during incidents that could be violent. Those incidents include stabbings, shootings, aggravated assaults or mental health emergencies.

This follows several incidents, including complaints Monday about a delay in emergency responds that left firefighters to deal on their own with a knife-wielding suspect this past weekend.

Dallas Firefighters Union President Jim McDade says there are simply not enough officers.

“This is a message to Dallas City Council, the Dallas Mayor, and Dallas City Manager that when we say we do not have enough officers, and that there is a public safety crisis, and there are not enough police officers to protect the citizens…we’re also saying there are not enough police officers to protect our fire fighters that’s the problem," McDade said.

Dallas Fire Rescue is also stocking its vehicles with bulletproof vests.

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