Dallas Firefighters Attacked With Fireworks

More than half a dozen Dallas firefighters escaped injury when they responded to a dumpster fire started by illegal fireworks at the Creekside Villas, located at 340 N. Jim Miller Road.

"They got out of control last night," said resident Kenneth Mitchell. "I saw flames and smoke and stuff like that."

The fire broke out shortly after midnight Sunday morning when residents said a large group of people in the parking lot shooting off fireworks started taking aim at the dumpster.

"Trash can? That’s unnecessary," said Mitchell.

When eight Dallas firefighters arrived in two units to put out the flames, people started shooting fireworks at them.

"Artillery shells flying through the trash can, shooting at the firefighters," said resident Larkres Jones. "Firefighters trying to get water to put it out."

The group ran off before police arrived.

None of the firefighters were hurt and their two units were only slightly damaged.

It is illegal to set off fireworks in Dallas. Throughout the city police and fire inspectors overnight confiscated 1,077 pounds of them in just over 12 hours.

There were 20 dumpster fires, 21 grass fires, and four structure fires in total over the holiday weekend.

Firefighters believe many of them were caused by illegal fireworks.

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