Dallas Female Film Makers Help Sexual Assault Victims

At a home in McKinney, experts in their field of film making hustle to move an entire set from one room to another within minutes, and their hard work is their offering to victims of violence.

“It’s incredible. I mean it’s incredible, one, that professionals like this in our community would be willing to donate an incredible service like this to us,” said Amy Jones, CEO of Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. “But, even more meaningful that it is women who have come together to create and to use their art to make a stand against sexual violence.”

Members of Women in Film Dallas are volunteering to create a Public Service Announcement for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

The production is under the leadership of the PSA’s director Anietie Antia-Obong.

Antia-Obong said their organization’s yearly volunteer effort was motivated by the global effort to connect survivors of sexual violence.

“And so this year, we were really moved by the 'Me Too' movement,” Antia-Obong said. “Everyone’s talking about sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and we wanted to be a part of that to add our voices to it.”

They’re doing that, by creating this visual message of support for all victims.

“We know that in Texas two in five women have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime, and one in five men,” Jones said. “And the rates in Texas are actually higher than they are nationally.”

Janelle Gettmann, marketing coordinator for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center, explains how DARCC helps people from prevention to recovery and how you can help their efforts.

This PSA, explains what help is available to those victims and encourages them to seek it.

“I would want for them to know that it’s not their fault,” Jones said. “That there is no reason why this should ever happen to anyone. That they don’t deserve this and that they’re not to blame. I would also want them to know that they’re not alone.”

And if it’s happened to you, know that it’s not your fault.

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