Dallas Farmers Market Hopes New Shed Brings New Dollars

The Dallas Farmers Market unveiled a part of its new look this weekend. The market is in the process of a drastic transformation.

Now visitors can explore ‘The Shed’ which underwent a major renovation in an effort to draw larger crowds.

Joshua Oderberg’s first trip to the Dallas Farmers Market exceeded his expectations.
“This is a second bag, we already took one bag to the car, so it was fruits and vegetables and same here,” said Oderberg, an Arlington resident.
Euless resident Denise Howeth said she’s been coming to the market for 24 years and was excited to see the changes while she checked off her grocery list.
“Just a little bit of everything,” Howeth said. “[I] brought my friend Nancy. She’s my neighbor from Euless also. A first timer. So we were laughing, we’ve gotta bring more money.”
Shoppers described the revamped shed as brighter and more open. They also said it’s weather friendly. During a cold day pre-installed heaters will be put to work, and when the weather heats up, fans and misters are on standby.
“The city just wanted to make it more of a destination spot and really draw in the tourism as well as having the local shop here, like downtown doesn’t have a grocery store,” said Rebecca Fabyan, assistant market director at the Dallas Farmers Market.
Valerie Currie, owner of Taste This Pickle, said the Dallas Farmers Market helped her to grow her business over the past five years.
“This is where I really began developing my product, and testing my product for the market,” Currie said. “And currently because I’ve been here I have expanded to 17 stores.”
Currie said more changes on the way will help her and other small business owners to attract more customers in the long term.
“People don’t want to come because they say it’s so crowded down there and so hot… But when you have room to move, people are more invited to shop,” Currie said.
Fabyan said expect more changes to come over the next couple of years.
“Where sheds three and four are going to be parking, a little bit of retail space, and the apartments, so that we’ll have customers living on-site,” Fabyan said.
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