Dallas Family Grieves Over Unexplained Murder of Single Mother

Family members say 32-year old Wyshina Harris was a real self-starter.

The veteran of Operation Desert Storm and single mother, was raising a 12-year old daughter and 7-year old son.

The victim's father, Roger Harris, says, "Her family was her concern."

Around 7-o'clock Saturday morning Harris was shot to death as she drove to work along Scyene near Jim Miller Road in Dallas.

"Some motorist saw her slumped over and called 911," says Harris.

Police have no suspects, there were no witnesses and no apparent motive.

Harris says "I mean you hear about people driving by shooting in cars but you just never think its going to happen to you."

Loved ones are doing their best to comfort the victim's grieving parents and children.

"We miss her charisma, we miss her energy we're going to miss all of it," says Harris.

But they're still haunted by the overwhelming question of why.

Wyshina's mother Glenda Harris says, "My baby's gone senseless death."

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