Dallas Eats Out More Than the Average City

Other cities pale in comparison

It’s been a depressing week in the news for Dallas. We have been labeled the worst cycling city in America, several of our neighborhoods have been rated most adulterous in North Texas, and yesterday, several cows jumped off a bridge.

When we received a story labeling Dallas as the city that eats out the most, we decided to champion this as good news.

As a city, we go out more than 70 percent more than the average city, according to Bundle’s data.

Perhaps an overwhelming majority of Dallas realized their beef bourguignon looked nothing like Julia Child’s finished recipe and got so upset that they vowed never to cook again.

Maybe people realized that hosting brunch at their house when the Cowboys are playing means that no one will be coming to help you clean the dishes.

Or is it possible that our vast selection of restaurants is too tempting to pass up?

After all, we are home to family-owned favorites like Campisi’s and Ojeda’s Tex-Mex. Chile relleno, anyone?

We have our restaurants that cater to a specific mood: Dick’s Last Resort for those days when you want an obnoxious waiter to bring you barbecue… when he feels like it. Of course there are days when you just want to eat gyros and watch belly dancers, both specialties at Stratos Greek Taverna.

For those who’d rather drink their lunch, there is Hooters or JR’s Bar & Grill, both offer an array of hors d'oeuvres to go with your beverage.

Dallas has Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck for those who want to eat high in the sky. If you’re afraid of heights, there is Dakota’s restaurant underground.

And since we are a big city, we also have just about every chain restaurant you can think of as well.

It’s a small victory, but we can pat ourselves on the back knowing that we are helping to stimulate our economy each time we eat out. We are keeping small businesses thriving. We are making sure that no steak ever has to go uneaten. 

We are Dallas… and we eat out!

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