Dallas Driver Says Shots Fired in Road Rage Incident

A North Texas father says someone followed him from one highway to another this week and started shooting at his car in a frightening case of road rage.

The drive home for Trek Shelton is usually an easy one, but Thursday afternoon it turned out to be one of the wildest and scariest rides of his life.

“I'm usually a calm person and don't let things like this usually happen,” said Shelton. “This was more adrenaline than I’ve ever seen. It was pretty intense.”

It was on U.S. Highway 75 southbound in Dallas where he noticed a pickup truck driving wildly, even at one point almost hitting Shelton’s truck.

“It was like being in a police chase or watching someone run from the police, but no one was behind him. It was like a scene from a movie,” he said.

Police say the truck followed Shelton off Hwy. 75 and through Dallas. At one intersection, Shelton stepped out of his car to confront the driver, but that driver, Shelton says, then said something about a gun.

“That's when I started to just flee, basically he tried to take me out all the way up the tollway,” Shelton said.

Both were on the Dallas North Tollway, and as they approached Royal Lane, Shelton heard two shots.

“Two distinctive pops. He was in the slow lane, rolled down his window, saw the barrel, not sure what kind of weapon, I couldn't tell. My adrenaline was going pretty hard at that point,” said Shelton.

Shelton’s car didn’t sustain much damage, and he thinks perhaps the bullets ricocheted.

“Just lucky that no one got injured and we're all in one piece,” he said.

Shelton was able to get a good description of the plate and car to police. The North Texas Tollway Authority, which oversees the DNT, tells us there is no video of the incident.

Shelton was able to get a partial plate account and describes the truck as a white Dotson. If you know anything about the incident, call Dallas police.

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