Dallas Dog Park Scuffle Caught on Camera, Man Arrested

The video, posted on Twitter, went viral

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An attack at a Dallas dog park, caught on camera, sparked outrage online, and on Friday, the man at the center of it was booked into jail.

Dallas Police say Dale Coonrod was taken into custody Friday.

His victim says the attack was unprovoked.

Chanise Condren captured cell phone video Monday, after she claims Dale Coonrod attacked her dog, and then turned on her.

“Mr. Coonrod kicked my dog with full force, for what I assume was, playing too rough with his dog. When I approached him to check in with him and his dog, he became instantly aggressive and said, ‘You need to control your animal,'" said Condren.

She says he yelled at her, and shoved her wife in the chest.

“You can see the immediate rage in his face when he looked up to see that I was recording him. He then came at me, striking my hand and wrist several times, knocking my phone out of my hand and onto the ground,” said Condren.

She says it ended when Coonrod walked away and left White Rock Lake Dog Park.

They’re sharing their story, hoping what happened to them doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“If people know other people who are walking around and doing this, or might be physically or verbally violent with their family or spouse, it’s worth noting,” said Condren.

She has a bruised wrist from the attack and is shaken, but says she’ll be okay.

Coonrod could not be reached for comment. It is not clear if he has an attorney.

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