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Dallas Doctor Develops Flu Despite Having Shot

Even the doctors trying to prevent the spread of the flu are coming down with the illness.

More and more cases are being reported at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas each week. Among those cases are the hospital’s own doctors, like Dr. Rainer Khetan.

Despite the signs in his office warning patients about spreading the flu, Khetan got sick after catching it from his son.

“I thought, well, that’s all right he has flu, I have the flu shot. Day or two later, I got the flu. It was influenza A,” Khetan said.

But since the doctor had gotten the shot, he said that contributed to his recovery.

“If you were to get the flu and you had the flu shot, and you had at least two weeks to build immunity you’re only going to be sick for a couple of days,” he explained.

He said normally the flu will wipe a person out for a week.

This flu season appears to be worse than last year, as more patients are testing positive for the flu earlier than usual. Doctors say they typically see this type of spike in January.

“This is probably going to be one of those years where we have a really bad flu epidemic,” Khetan said.

The doctor is warning folks to wash their hands, and if they are sick to stay at home.

And health officials say there is an ample supply of the flu shot available in North Texas right now.

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