Dallas Districts Fight to Fund Libraries

The new city of Dallas budget has money earmarked to build two public libraries.

Wrapped up in the city’s $1.025 billion bond package is funding for a library in the Forest Green neighborhood of District 10 and Vickery Meadows of District 13.

City council member Adam McGough has been fighting to secure funds for a library in the Forest Green neighborhood for several years. The city of Dallas purchased land for the new building in 2006 and some council members have been patiently waiting since.

“We’re ready and the families in this community are ready,” said council member Adam McGough. “Anything north of 635 in my district is void of libraries, recreational centers, culture centers. It’s really a resource desert but yet we have one of the densest areas highly concentrated with families that just need more things to do.”

City council member Jennifer Gates of District 13 is proposing to build a library for children in the Vickery Meadows community. District 13 and District 10 sit side by side in northeast Dallas.

“I’m hoping both of will be able to get funding. the hard part is, in any bond package and anytime you’re dealing with taxpayer money there’s so many more need,” McGough said.

Last month councilman Philip Kingston of District 14 voiced his vote via social media advocating for Vickery Meadows, tweeting “This is the only library capital need I support. These neighbors are in great need.”

When families in District 10 heard they could lose the library, they decided to rally up support.

“The kids and parents got together. They made signs and they got to the place the library is going to be and they just showed an energy of support," McGough Said. "That’s what brings me the confidence to really fight for having that library here.”

City council members will vote on the bond package Wednesday. If the budget is approved, construction on the library could begin in September.

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