Dallas Development to Feature Homes, Fresh Food

Sylvan Thirty project to feature studios and lofts, open space and stores with fresh produce, breads and meats

Dallas city officials broke ground Wednesday at a mixed-use development featuring shopping, living spaces and local and organic food.

Sylvan Thirty aims to be a major hub at the crossroads of West Dallas and North Oak Cliff with restaurants, stores and homes.

"It's going to be a major difference growing in this part of town," Mayor Mike Rawlings said.

The development will have 200 studios and lofts, open space and stores such as Cox Farms Market that provide fresh produce, breads and meats.

"This is an entire area that's ripe," said Brent Jackson, the one of the developers.

Jackson said the project is expected to be completed in less than a year in a half.

"I'm already planning to spend my money," said Juanita Ramirez, a West Dallas resident of seven years said. "I want to keep my money here."

Councilwoman Monica Alonzo said resident input has been crucial to the development's planning.

"They have come let us know what they want, what they want to see, how to do it, and working together makes a big difference," she said.

Juan Martinez and his workers at Burguesa Burger off Fort Worth Avenue said they are looking forward to the completion of Sylvan Thirty.

"We're so close to downtown that we want this place to be a nice area, like a restaurant row, hopefully," he said.

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