Dallas' DeaLoco Dishes Crazy-Deep Discounts

DeaLoco.com is a Dallas-based Web site where shoppers can find some of the hottest deals on the Internet.  The name refers to "loco," the Spanish word for crazy.  "Dealoco... as in deal crazy," said Shawn Mayeux, one of the site's creators.

Noe Garza, who also helped create DeaLoco, said the site posts only the best bargains. 

"They're not going to get on our site unless they're the best deals on the Internet," said Garza. 

Mayeux and Garza personally scour the Internet for deals on a daily basis. Among the recent bargains:

One of DeaLoco's unique features is the "grief factor," which rates deals based on how difficult they are to redeem.  Every item is rated on a scale from one to five, with one being the easiest, five the most difficult.  For instance, a grief factor of three might involve a mail-in rebate.

Dealoco uses Twitter to update followers on the latest deals.  Garza and Mayeux also appear weekly on the site to discuss their hottest finds.

To check out DeaLoco, including a weekly contest with free merchandise, click here:  http://dealoco.com

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