Dallas Dad's Fight for Baby Changing Stations Succeeds

This week, Dallas city council approved an ordinance that will require new city owned buildings and certain businesses to require baby changing stations not only in women's restrooms but also men's.

It's the culmination of a seven month push from Dallas dad Chris Fox.

Fox said he first realized how few restaurants had bathrooms that accommodated dads wanting to change diapers just a couple of months after his son Hampton was born.

After doing some research and talking to local businesses, he decided to start a grassroots effort.

"When I first started I wanted there to be a changing station in every men's restroom in every single building in the city of Dallas," said Fox.

It started with a presentation to the Quality of Life Committee before moving to the full council for a vote Thursday. The motion passed 10 to four, making Fox's vision a reality.

That ordinance applies only to new construction and major renovations of buildings owned by the city, restaurants, clothing stores, drug stores, hardware and sporting goods stores, home improvement centers, grocery stores and theaters.

"I think it shows that the city of Dallas is committed to progressive ideas and to equal access and to better quality of life for families," said Fox.

He's calling the move a good first step, saying he'd eventually like to see the ordinance extended to existing businesses.

Still, through this process he said he's learned a lot about how easy it is to make an impact.

"The more you push and the more you push and the more you push, you're eventually going to get somewhere. And if you just stay determined, then you can make change," said Fox.

Fox isn't the only dad who's pushed to see more changing tables installed in men's restrooms. Last year, images showing dads changing kids in their laps in bathrooms all around the country went viral through a campaign called #squatforchange.

Before that, actor Ashton Kutcher started a change.org petition calling for universally accessible changing tables. It garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

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