Dallas Cowboys Superfan Boasts Impressive Collection

Stoney Kersh just might have the ultimate Dallas Cowboys collection.

"You never know what you're gonna find around here," said Kersh, of Arlington, while standing inside his former garage, which he converted to accommodate a large portion of his collection long ago.

When asked how many Cowboys pieces he keeps inside his Arlington home, Kersh estimated the number to be around 100,000.

"Since I was four years old I've been collecting Dallas cowboys memorabilia," Kersh said. "You can't go through here in an hour or two and expect to see it all. There's way too much stuff. There's stuff behind stuff, so you gotta move stuff in order to see it."

Kersh has just about everything money can buy with a Cowboys logo on it: bobble heads, belt buckles, helmets, jerseys, trading cards, vintage magazines, Cowboys newsletters and pennants.

His collection features many unique items as well, including a section of actual turf from the AT&T Stadium field that doubles as the carpet in his living room. Kersh also has a framed bus advertisement from a Cowboys-Giants game from the early-1960s.

And what he can't buy, he builds.

Kersh, his wife and his friends spent weeks meticulously hand-painting a to-scale replica of AT&T Stadium on his patio floor, complete with a Ring of Honor along the ceiling.

"Well, to me it's just a lifelong passion because when people walk through here it puts a smile on their face that's what it's all about to me," Kersh said. "When they smile it makes it all worth it."

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