Dallas Cowboys Fans React to Romo’s Pending Release

For die-hard fans, the news about Tony Romo's departure from the Dallas Cowboys is bittersweet.

Fans at AT&T Stadium chose Dak Prescott's #4 jersey's over Tony Romo's #9 with hopes that Prescott can take the team to the Super Bowl next year.

The news is unsettling though for those that have backed Romo the last decade.

Cowboys fans in Dallas discuss the end of an era as Tony Romo is expected to be released from the team Thursday.

"I'll miss him because I grew up as a Cowboys fan. But I mean, Dak did a great job this season, so I can't really complain too much with what we got," said fan Briitany Miles.

"I can't help but feel for Tony because I know, like all of us, how committed he was to this team and community," Steve Shearon. "I think everyone realized this was going to happen and we're just going to have to accept it and go from there."

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