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Dallas Couple Targeted by Serial Wedding Crasher

On the happiest day of their lives, Brittany and Andy Flores were shocked to learn a woman suspected of crashing multiple weddings in and around San Antonio got away with stealing hundreds of dollars worth of their wedding gifts.

The Dallas couple was married in Spring Branch, just north of the Alamo City, on Aug. 3.

"It was awesome, definitely my favorite day. We had about 200 guests, so our closest friends and family, and we just really enjoyed every moment of the day," Brittany Flores said.

But the next day, as the couple arrived in Cancun for their honeymoon, they got a call from the bride's mom.

"She's like, 'Hey did you or Andy happen to take all the cards from the gift table?" And we were like, 'No, what are you talking about?'" Brittany said.

It turns out the couple were unknowingly victims of a so-called wedding crasher that Comal County authorities said has hit at least three weddings in the area since December.

"I think when we first found out, it was kind of a devastating, sinking feeling that this had happened. And then when we found out it had happened to other people too, we were like, 'Wow. This needs to stop,'" Brittany said.

When they got a chance to see surveillance video from the venue, the couple said neither of their families recognized the woman seen walking in and mingling with a bridesmaid near the guest book. They said they believe she was gone before dinner was served.

According to police, it's the same woman seen in other surveillance images showing her trying to use a stolen gift card at a store.

"We had to contact a lot of our guests and say, 'Hey did you send us a gift card or check or something?' Because we had to give that information to authorities so they could link her and catch her," Andy Flores said.

In total, the couple believes she walked away with a few hundred dollars in cash and few thousand dollars in checks and gift cards they thankfully were able to cancel.

"We're pretty lucky," Andy said.

They're also hopeful police would be able to track her down before she victimizes another couple, whether they get their gifts back or not.

"I think that's really what we're taking away from this, not letting this event or thief or wedding crasher, whatever they're calling her, take away from our day. We're not letting her do that. She can't steal our love," Brittany said.

Authorities are offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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