Jack Highberger

Dallas Couple Recounts Gun Battle in Front Yard

The couple says bullets went into their daughter's bedroom.

A Dallas couple says they are still in shock after a gun battle outside their home sent bullets into their 3-year-old daughter's bedroom.

"Once you see the bullet holes it kind of sets in, like bullets went through my daughter's room," Nam Duong said.

The shootout happened early Sunday morning on Parkland Avenue, surveillance video shows two groups of men exchanging gunfire from their cars.

"We're in the city, so some crime is to be expected but this isn't a violent area so a full out gun battle in my front yard is not something I imagined would have happened," Duong said.

Three of the bullets went through their daughter’s window, which was captured by a bedroom camera.

"We noticed her kind of wake up and cover her ears and go it's too loud, it's too loud," Sharmin Ashtaputre said.

Dallas Police are still searching for the suspects and despite the violent incident, both Duong and Ashtaputre said they have no plans to move.

"I feel like this exceptionally violent incident was an outlier because this not typical of this neighborhood," Duong said.

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