Dallas County

Dallas County to Purchase 3 Tesla's for Law Enforcement Use

NBC 5 News

Dallas County Commissioners approved the purchase of three new Tesla "Model 3's" this week for law enforcement use.

The electric cars will be used by the Automotive Service Center as reserve units for law enforcement departments who have their issued vehicle in for repair
or scheduled maintenance.

This will also give law enforcement departments a chance to test out the Teslas for daily use, including maintaining public order and safety.

The three new cars are expected to cost $190,320, or $63,440 each.

A briefing given to the County Commissioners states "as a result of the ongoing semiconductor microchip and supply chain issues, the length of time to determine if vehicles meet the replacement criteria guidelines could potentially result in ordering banks from the manufacturers to be closed. The recommendation is to purchase the three Tesla Model 3 Performance electric vehicles and have them placed as part of the ASC reserve unit.

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