Dallas County Schools to Reconsider Former Superintendent's Retirement Deal After NBC 5 Investigation

The new Dallas County Schools Board of Trustees president wants to nullify a retirement deal struck with the outgoing superintendent earlier this year.

Board President Gloria Levario said Tuesday the board will now look at whether it can cut ties with former Superintendent Rick Sorrells following a report by NBC 5 Investigates that revealed he had a personal relationship with a vendor involved in a DCS project that lost millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

On Sunday, NBC 5 Investigates reported Sorrells had a personal relationship with Force Multiplier's CEO Robert Leonard.  

NBC 5 Investigates reported Sunday Sorrells' family had a vacation apartment next door to Leonard's apartment in a building in the New Orleans French Quarter, raising significant ethical and legal questions over rules governing conduct between school district officials and their vendors. 

Despit the side-by-side apartment units, Sorrells denied that Leonard had any involvement in him getting an apartment in the French Quarter building and Sorrells said he does not have a relationship with Leonard, "at this time". 

"I was very shocked and angry," Levario said after seeing NBC 5's report.

Levario said the board is considering their options to see if they can nullify the deal they made with Sorrells.

Sorrells is still being paid his full superintendent's salary through December, as well as a $700 a month car allowance, under an exit deal made in March.

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