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Dallas County Resumes COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts at Fair Park

Dallas County Health and Human Services plans to hold the clinic each Sunday to meet the demand for boosters and flu vaccines

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Long lines returned to Fair Park Sunday as Dallas County resumed vaccination efforts for COVID-19 boosters and the flu shot.

The effort is on a smaller scale compared to the mass clinic in Dallas earlier this year but it is designed to meet a critical need heading into the holidays.

Hundreds of vehicles snaked through Lot 13 at Fair Park – drivers and passengers – lining up for either the first, second or third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, many with kids in the newly eligible 5 to 11 age group.

Chris Dusek of Dallas was fully vaccinated but brought his 11-year-old son for his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We did have COVID last year during Thanksgiving, which was awful,” Dusek said. “So, I can actually taste Thanksgiving dinner this time, so that helps.”

“It’s a little bit sore like over here,” Cameron Dusek added pointing to his upper left arm. “I feel great because I don’t have to worry about COVID really that much.”

Fair Park has served as the nerve center for mass vaccination efforts in Dallas County. More than 500,000 North Texans received a COVID-19 immunization by the time it closed in mid-July.

Sunday marked the first reopening. Dallas County Health and Human Services plans to have a drive-in clinic at Fair Park on Sunday each week, as demand for boosters and vaccinating younger family members stays strong.

No appointment is necessary but you are encouraged to register before arrival.

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