Dallas County Residents Enroll For Healthcare Under ACA

On November 1, people can start signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Dallas County officials said coverage will remain affordable for most people, with subsidies to help individuals afford insurance despite rising premiums.

They estimate eight out of 10 individuals can still receive coverage for around $75 a month. 

Under new changes, however, those making over 400 percent of the federal poverty level are not subsidy eligible and may experience huge increases as a result.

"Don't let politicians stop you and your family from getting the coverage you need. It's important we all do our part and remind friends, family, and neighbors now is the time to sign-up,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins,

“Don’t delay. Sign up now and make sure you’re covered for 2018 by the Dec. 15 deadline.”

Dallas County residents ineligible for Marketplace subsidies and who may not be able to afford coverage, may be eligible for Parkland Financial Assistance.

Clay Jenkins said the county is working on a program that will help provide affordable primary care for people who are no longer eligible for subsidies and cannot afford health insurance. 

"We think it is more cost effective for the taxpayers for us to see people for their annual physical and their OB-GYN, than for us to wait for them to come our ER with cancer and heart attack and hospitalizing conditions," said Jenkins.

Officials said you should go online as soon as possible to see what kind of plans are available. 

He expects fewer people to enroll because of shortened enrollment period and decreased advertising.

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