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Dallas County Homeowners Have Until May 17 to Protest Property Values

Some may be shocked by assessed home values, but have the chance to protest it

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The Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market remains hot. The limited supply of homes and increase in demand could explain why some homeowners are seeing a jump in their appraised values.

The Dallas Central Appraisal District released proposed values on April 16 and homeowners across the county are starting to get notices in the mail.

"Yeah, we hear it a lot about this time of year just the sticker shock," said Will Wiggins with North Texas Property Tax Service.

He's a property tax consultant and has worked in both the government and private sectors. He said his phone has been lighting up since DCAD started sending out proposed values.

"For example, this year in Dallas County all the properties that were reappraised and had an increase in value had an average increase of 18%," said Wiggins.

The numbers matter because the property value multiplied by the tax rate explains how much a homeowner will pay in property taxes.

This is also the time when people can start to to protest the values.

“You have the right to protest as a property owner and what I ask people to do is, do your research. Do a little bit of homework. I know the knee jerk reaction is to go, 'Oh my gosh, my value couldn’t be this high,' but if you actually go talk to realtors... because the value has gone up since January 1 because that is what our market is just doing right now," said Cheryl Jordan, director of communication relations at the Dallas Central Appraisal District.

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