Dallas County Elections Office Investigating Mail-In Ballot Complaints in West Dallas

The Dallas County Elections Office is investigating multiple complaints from voters in West Dallas, who said they received mail-in ballots for the upcoming city elections even though they did not request them.

Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole told NBC 5 they're looking into 36 reports so far and are still receiving complaints. She said all of the complaints have come from West Dallas and this issue appears to be isolated to that area.

"We are taking this very seriously," said Pippins-Poole. "And we're now looking at all mail-in applications."

Her staff is currently reviewing those complaints and trying to determine if a legitimate request for a mail-in ballot was made. They're also working verify signatures on those applications.

They will refer any apparent fraud cases to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

Pippins-Poole said if someone receives a mail-in ballot and does not believe they requested one, they should keep the ballot and call the Dallas County Elections Office at 214-819-6359 to report it.

Those voters will be allowed to take their mail-in ballot to their early voting or Election Day polling place, where election workers will be prepared to cancel out the mail-in ballot and let them vote in person.

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