Dallas County DA and Democratic Challenger Answer Questions Related to Botham Jean

Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson (R) and her Democratic challenger, John Creuzot, took questions from the community Monday night at the African American Museum in Dallas. The questions often focused on issues that have come up after 26-year-old Botham Jean was shot and killed in his apartment by an off-duty Dallas police officer Sept. 6.

Johnson said she could not directly comment on the case, since it is ongoing, but did answer a question about search warrants and whether or not they can at times unnecessarily single out the victim of a crime.

"I disagree with anything going in the search warrant that's not necessary, or anything going in the search warrant that's going to have a negative effect when it's uncalled for," Johnson said.

Her challenger in the upcoming election, Creuzot, answered the same question.

"When you read the way the affidavit arrest warrant was written and you look at all of that and as one of my friends said it looked like a defense attorney wrote it and this mess about marijuana that probably won't be admissible in the trial," Creuzot said.

A search of Botham Jean's apartment last week allegedly found marijuana. Benjamin Crump, a Jean family attorney, has called the warrant an attempt to "assassinate" Jean's character and said he does not know whom the marijuana belonged to.

Earlier in the day Monday, Johnson released a statement about investigation in Jean's death.

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