Dallas Councilman Tackles Street Racing, Releases Police Ride-Along Video

Dallas City Councilman Jaime Resendez is tackling dangerous street racing. After receiving complaints from residents, he spent an evening with Dallas police patrolling the areas of Southeast Dallas known to have issues with street racing.

"Last night I went on a ride-along with DPD in an operation focused on intercepting and dispersing the perpetrators," Resendez said on his Facebook page. "In the time I was out there (3 hours), 5 cars involved with the street racing were stopped."

Resendez also posted video from one of the stops that came after a high-speed chase.

"One person was arrested for warrants, two individuals were arrested for drug possession, and two were arrested for shooting a gun into the air," Resendez wrote. "One of the guys that was shooting a gun decided to run from the police."

The councilman vowed to work with Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall to find solutions to the street racing problem plaguing the area.

"Great work on the part of DPD despite the limited resources with which it is operating," he said. "I am reaching out to Chief Hall to see if DPS can provide assistance, and talk about other creative approaches."

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