Dallas Councilman Dwaine Caraway Claims Threats Over NRA Talk

NRA Annual meeting is May 4-6 in Dallas

Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway claims he has received death threats from National Rifle Association supporters since his request Monday to cancel the NRA annual meeting in Dallas this year.

Caraway told the TV program 'TMZ' that the threats will not make him change his demand that the NRA meeting move unless the NRA agrees to support new gun control laws.

"It's a tough deal. Now, don't think that they're happy with me. Don't think that I've not had threatening emails and all types of things," Caraway said.

"Have you had death threats?" TMZ asked Caraway.

"Oh, yeah. Come on, you should hear some of the stuff. But it's OK. My mission is, get to the table, everybody," Caraway said.

Contacted by phone Thursday, Caraway said he has surgery Wednesday and was not able to do an interview to elaborate on the threats. A Dallas Morning News story said Caraway confirmed the claim about threats to a reporter.

The NRA received incentives of about $400,000 to book its convention in Dallas six years ago according to city officials. Officials said such incentives are typical for large events that bring visitors and spending to the city.

The NRA meeting is scheduled May 4-6 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

Dallas City Councilman Kevin Felder posted a tweet opposing the NRA meeting in Dallas this year on Monday morning, before Caraway's press conference. Felder said he has received no threats.

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