Dallas Cops, Fashion Police Seek Underwear Robber

When you see the video of a convenience store robbery, you might recall Aerosmith's song "Dude Looks Like a Lady."

But police say this dude is a robber.

On the morning of Aug. 16, the employees of an Exxon gas station in the 2500 block of Lemmon Avenue in Dallas got a visit from a cross-dressing robber.

Instead of a ski mask, the man wore tighty-whitey underwear on his head to hide his face. He also wore a matching black-and-white dress with a flower print and white boots.

The surveillance video shows the man with his hand wrapped in part of the dress, pretending to aim a gun at the cashier. The cashier gives the man cash, and before he leaves, the bandit also robs another customer in line.

NBC 5 talked to an employee at the gas station. The clerk believed the underwear belonged to the robber, because when the suspect aimed his covered hand at the clerks, he inadvertently raised his dress, exposing, well, what his underwear would have covered.

No one was hurt, physically. The mental images might take some time to get over.

And while the fashion police might be looking for him, Dallas police are definitely looking for him. Anyone who recognizes the man, who investigators described as a 5-foot-5-inch white man weighing about 145 pounds, call police at 214-671-3464.

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