Dallas Considers Changes to Minimum Property Standards Code

The city of Dallas is considering changing its minimum property standards for the first time in years, and that could be good for renters.

Rental issues are one of the biggest complaints we get into our NBC 5 Responds Hotline. The hearing Tuesday will allow people who have had issues with rental properties to speak out. That's because council members are considering big changes to the city's property standards code.

"That's where owners of rental properties can be held responsible for making repairs – things like air conditioning, heating, infestations," said Sandy Rollins, of the Texas Tenants' Union.

Some of the changes being considered include requiring landlords to help pay for bug infestations, as well as remediate mold. It could also force landlords to keep a log of tenant complaints and what's being done about them so that city inspectors or tenants could see it at any time.

Here is more information on the possible changes.

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas disagrees with many of the proposed changes.

They say some of the proposals are unworkable, too expensive and could potentially raise rents. The changes would need council approval next month and wouldn't go into effect until October.

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