Dallas College Turns Football Field Into Urban Farm

What was once Paul Quinn College’s football field is now a farm providing fresh fruits and vegetables in Dallas.

"My goal is to spread the word of organic growth," Andrea Bithell, the manager of the two-acre "We Over Me" farm said.

For the past few weeks she's been hosting urban farm classes for the community. 

Saturday's class taught students how to build, maintain and provide habitats for honeybees, as well as how to prepare a chicken dish. 

"It’s a very beautiful experience to see unfold—when they plant the seed and a few months later they get to harvest arugula or they get to harvest a cucumber," Bithell said.

One of the farm's goals is to offer access healthy food to the neighborhood surrounding the college.

"To pick a tomato and take a bite of out an heirloom organic tomato, there's nothing like that, it's invigorating," Bithell said.

The three-year-old farm is maintained by Paul Quinn students.

Not only do the students and the community reap the benefits, but the farm has big clients like Legends Hospitality Management that provides food for Cowboys stadium.  All the profits go back to the farm.

"We see this as an incredibly worthy model and our type on how we would like to see urban agriculture go in our city," Susan Pollard, a beekeeper at the farm said.

The next class will be held on August 24, the cost is 45 dollars. For more information, click here.

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