Officers Crack Down on Holiday Weekend DUIs

Sgt. Mark Robinson loves his job as a Dallas County Sheriff's deputy. But the part he doesn't like is having to tell someone that their loved one is dead because of an alcohol related death, especially since the wrecks are pretty gruesome.

"The speed involved along with the alcohol, it tends to bring about a more devastating accident," said Robinson.

The Dallas County deputies tried to crack down on drunk drivers this holiday weekend along Interstate 30, state Highway 175 and in Deep Ellum. In the first two days, 21 suspected drunk drivers were arrested and seven of the offenders were minors.  Five people were also charged with public intoxication.

Will Crain works the door at the newly reopened "Trees" in Deep Ellum, and said the club is looking to work with taxi cab companies to get people home safely.

"We want those patrons coming back. We don't want them in jail." Crain said standing in front of the entrance. "We want to keep them active participants, so we want them healthy, get them home safe."  

Crain also said he warns patrons that their last drink could cost them more than a few bucks if they plan to get behind a wheel.

"A DWI is $5,000 or $10,000 easy. It's not worth it," Crain said.

Deputies were also armed with a new law that went into effect Sept. 1. The law allows law enforcement to draw blood from a suspected drunk driver if the suspect has a history of DWI offenses.

No word on how many repeat offenders were arrested in Dallas County over the weekend.

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